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After many years of *not* playing any of the Call Of Duty games, I decided to pick up both Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare. After many hours of playing both games I still get my ass kicked, and that is ok.

I don’t want to spend the amount of time required to play either title to be as good as some of the people who slaughter me. I have given up way to many hours to the GTA Online experience, and I don’t want to provide that kind of commitment to another game.

COD - Infinite Warfare N3IL Angry.pngHOWEVER, I have spent a lot of time playing the Zombies in Spaceland map on Infinite Warfare. A theme park designed to take place in the 1980’s packed with weapons, zombies, 80’s music, David Hasselhof and a robot named N3IL who gets cranky when you punch or stab him.

I have put in more hours hanging out in this particular map failing to get very far in the movie scenes (levels leate) but still very enjoyable.


For years I had a handful of videos I made based off a section I created off this site called “Book Of Boneheads” I never completed the project and it looks like the team at goanimate nuked my work.

I would be upset, but I honestly I have the book of boneheads documents stored somewhere on my network so when I get the desire to make new videos I will re create them along with some new ones.. maybe.

Unlike millions of people in our country, I did not vote for The Donald. I do not agree with his policies or his behavior before and after the election.

Instead of jumping on hate wagon fueled by hatoraide I choose to tweet him often with questions he will never answer. (and a couple of insults but only when they are funny).

My wife’s friend was recently banned from viewing The Donalds twitter account after hitting him up with questions, etc.


For over a year or more, my macbook pro I purchased in like 2009 or 2010 has been running like crap. Partially because the hard drive is OLD and hasn’t been replaced since the computer was built. The other issue is none of the USB ports or external device ports work on the machine.

I decided to replace the drive with a solid state drive, but when I used the installation CD’s I have they would not work. I decided to image a drive from one of my mini’s that I purchased a few months prior to getting the macbook.

The image worked perfectly, but the computer would not read the drive very well. After much tinkering, and research I read a $20 cable could be my issue. I visited amazon, purchased the cable and two days later it was install.

Once the cable was installed and the new drive inserted back into the computer, it runs like a champ.

I still have the issue with the usb ports, and such but honestly I don’t care much about those issues are this time. However, it looks like I can replace the board for about $200.00. Something I might consider doing down the road, OR I will wait until tax season next year and purchase a new macbook.

Recently I stopped using facebook. I didn’t close the account, nor did I make some announcement about my departure. I just stopped. I grew tired of reading everyones input on shit I really didn’t care about.

Allow me to name off the things I didn’t care for. Opinions on politics, food people eat, where someone went on vacation, the latest news posted on the left, facebook users opinions about said news on the left, religion, or some ridiculous dispute people are having with one another that either they will never settle in person, or it started in person and wanted to attach an audience.

With that revlation, I decided there really isn’t a purpose to using facebook. It is a soul sucking cesspool of nonsense and stress brought on by people you don’t even really interact with much in real life if at all.

Earlier I posted about iTunes angriness was caused by msvcr120.dll and how I needed to reinstall Microsoft Visual Basic to fix the problem. Well that is true, it fixed ONE problem. After reinstalling all that shit and then some I dug into the logs in event viewer to see if I could find out more information about why itunes was being such a cranky asshole.

It randomly crashed, I couldn’t use the remote app on my phone, etc. So I started digging through the logs AGAIN. The more recent errors displayed, “bad interface index 22” After a little bit of digging, I learned itunes does not play well with TCP/IPv6. Once I disabled IPv6 all my problems went away.

For now.

The site was angry about something. I was too lazy to fix the problem. Lately work has work me out so much when I get off if something is broken I don’t give a shit enough to fix it. Unless someone is whining an awful lot.

Anyway the site is happish, not sure why it broke. Don’t care either. 😉


I am a big fan or itunes and the options the software has available even without owning an iDevice. Since I do, there is no reason to cover that. Since I have itunes set up on my server, I can stream music to my office, and any place in the house that supports itunes (or the itunes channel on plex).

I found a large catalogue filled with online radio stations that are, with out commercials and free! *cough Spotify* That’s right, no commercials, and I don’t have to pay for jack shit. The radio stations do not repeat the same songs, and they don’t veer off from the genre of music I choose to listen to. *cough Pandora*

I have found a few stations I like, placed them in the colum as their own playlist making it easy for me to visit the stations I listened to previously.

Of course if you have a desire to purchase streaming music, you can select apple music and gladly pay them $9.99 a month. =)

I may have mentioned in the past I run iTunes on my media server. This is a practice I have used for many years starting with Windows Home Server, WHS v2 and now with Windows Server 2008r2.

Over the past few weeks, iTunes would randomly crash and give an appcrash error in the logs and bitch about msvcr120.dll error. I troubleshot how to reinstall this error using every method I could think of, including uninstalling and reinstalling each installation of MS Visual Basic on the machine. I renamed files per recommendations of the alleged people smarter then me, but none of their suggestion worked.

I uninstalled all the apple progams, itunes, bonjour, mobile support, and anything else found from apple, I cleaned the registry and even chanted to the damn box. To be fair I cursed at it which in my mind is a form of chanting. 😉

Mind you. iTunes would still load, work for a while and randomly crash. It started to piss off to the point I toyed with the idea of reloading the entire fucking server but to me that would mean defeat.

Finally a found what seemed to be the problem, msvc120.dll was last modified in 2013. Da Fuq? The server has not been running since 2013, also this file was found AFTER I removed MSVB 2013. So, I deleted the file and reinstalled MSVB 2013.

Once reinstalled, omnious music played and itunes loaded without any issues. The real test, was to make sure it worked after usage, followed by heavy usage. It seems the crashing problem has finally been resolved.

For some strange reason, I had to manually add covers to albums itunes had recently found on it’s own.

iTunes is happy now, that is all I care about.




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