I am a big fan or itunes and the options the software has available even without owning an iDevice. Since I do, there is no reason to cover that. Since I have itunes set up on my server, I can stream music to my office, and any place in the house that supports itunes (or the itunes channel on plex).

I found a large catalogue filled with online radio stations that are, with out commercials and free! *cough Spotify* That’s right, no commercials, and I don’t have to pay for jack shit. The radio stations do not repeat the same songs, and they don’t veer off from the genre of music I choose to listen to. *cough Pandora*

I have found a few stations I like, placed them in the colum as their own playlist making it easy for me to visit the stations I listened to previously.

Of course if you have a desire to purchase streaming music, you can select apple music and gladly pay them $9.99 a month. =)