For over a year or more, my macbook pro I purchased in like 2009 or 2010 has been running like crap. Partially because the hard drive is OLD and hasn’t been replaced since the computer was built. The other issue is none of the USB ports or external device ports work on the machine.

I decided to replace the drive with a solid state drive, but when I used the installation CD’s I have they would not work. I decided to image a drive from one of my mini’s that I purchased a few months prior to getting the macbook.

The image worked perfectly, but the computer would not read the drive very well. After much tinkering, and research I read a $20 cable could be my issue. I visited amazon, purchased the cable and two days later it was install.

Once the cable was installed and the new drive inserted back into the computer, it runs like a champ.

I still have the issue with the usb ports, and such but honestly I don’t care much about those issues are this time. However, it looks like I can replace the board for about $200.00. Something I might consider doing down the road, OR I will wait until tax season next year and purchase a new macbook.