I received a phone call today from a friend of mine who owns a few rental properties around the city. They were cleaning out a house from a former tenant who was a hoarder. (The house was nasty and I could blog about my first visit to the house and the experience.)


When I received the call, I was told to come get whatever shit I wanted cause Monday whatever was left was going in the trash. So.. I went with a list in mind since I already knew what I wanted from my first visit.

I picked up a 40 inch LED TV, 32 inch smart LED TV, 2x Roku XS boxes, 4 Raspberry Pi’s, a handful of TV cards (which I will probably not use), a fresh legal copy of Windows Vista, Windows 7 ultimate, and Office 2010, Three mini i3 computers, a USB KVM (unopened) Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (unopened), a small floor fan (unopened), 7 inch Nexus Tablet, a 500gig SSD Drive (unopened) and Super Micro Server full of hard drives.

I hit the mother fucking nerd mother load. It was awesome. Granted I had to clean a lot of it off cause the house was nasty from cigarette smoke, dust, etc. it was well worth it.

So.. I have many plans for the server. It will become my toy or lab if you will for things I couldn’t do on the media server cause I would get into trouble with the family when I angered the media server.