Ok, a note to all of you whom look at porn on the internet.. don’t get pissy at the guy whom is trying to fix your computer for three hours because you fucked it up by getting spyware and hijackers smeared all over your computer like a new born whom just wiped his ass all over him self for the first time. You my friend are the one with the messed up computer, not me.

After years and years of being brainwashed with failed attempts of reality television I finally found one I liked… The Ultimate Coyote search…. You probably think I am out of my mind but your are correct! Get this… hot chicks with chicks whom think they are hot all trying to crash course dancing, bar tending, seducing, singing, and trying to convince probably the toughest chick in the world you can handle a bar full of horny drunk men.. how can someone like me not enjoy it! I hope it is back next year.. oh yeah and the girl I wanted to win was the winner.. damn I can pick them.

Anyway .. being that today was my early day I actually did not drink! Are you suprised? I am too.. I did like I said fix a buddies computer, *the above comments are just me giving him shit*, hang out at the pool, and get lousy service at a chinese restraunt named “Fookee”. After being told;”It nine thirty, we closed no more drink, we pretty much told them .. fook you!” and I have no doubt they will remember us.. don’t care. I can’t believe I am still up.. I need to go to bed..


Out with the old.. and in with the new… lately it has just been more of having time to sit down and decide what I wanted. I decided to take down the old layout before the new one was put up for various reasons.. Those explinations I shall leave to post in the forums so only registered users can read what was up with that…

So much has happened since I have last posted on this site, and I can’t believe how much has changed in the last couple of months. Things are crazy with the ex and I am unsure what will happen if anything with that situation.

I have a new boss and things are a lot less tense for me now. I also have a new auditor which means I don’t have to waste endless hours trying to perfect something to appease a stuck up, cranky ass, in need of some deep dicking daemon child from the depths of hell. *sighs* (I feel better now) It’s kind of strange not having people to fight with and not drowning in bullshit. Don’t get me wrong there is always bullshit but there is a lot less of it ..

What’s still here on the site: (points to top of page) The Book Of Boneheads(new format!), Googlism, Photo’s (new format!), Video’s, and the message board..

What’s gone.. everything else… all gone! *waves*

What’s still around .. the forums of course, and all of the accounts you used to have along with the password you used. However, your avatar’s are gone so you will have to set up a new one. Also, Angel’s website is still around, it can be locatedhereher address will eventually revert back to nowayinhell.net/angel once the domain transfer has been completed. I am sure we will be in touch shortly so I can tell her whats up. It’s all still there, it’s just moved…

What’s new.. (point’s at top again) The speech baloon .. yes it is kind of yahoo 360ish HOWEVER mine is random meaning the quotes change, and.. mine are just cooler. *points to the right* There is a picture of me which may change from time to time.. and .. there will be a small group of links from my friends.. *smiles*

I think the latest theme of the site both from a visitor and user stand point is LESS BULLSHIT!

So what have I been up to in my absence? Well gee… like I said .. new boss, new auditor, same job, still drink alot .. I think I might incorporate the drinking adventures into this site like I have on my other page, since some of them have been so interesting.. still single… but that’s ok.. going on vacation in June .. have a couple of places in mind.. I am sure I will talk about it when I know where the hell I am going ..

That’s about it .. I think….

Oh yeah!! and I am thinking about trying to add a shameless plug for like babe of the week or something .. lets try it ..

That is it for now..