It has been almost a week since my last post sharing with you my journey learning and using PFSense. To recap I have learned the following things along the way.

  1. A quad core machine should the minimum system requirements for running a successful PFSense machine.
  2. pfblocker is awesome, but if you set up too many rules it will cause more harm then good.
  3. If you are going to use a vpn or open vpn service such as Private Internet Access, I recommend punching in the ip address as opposed to the hostname.
  4. Not all advice is good advice.
  5. Google chrome, google search, google anything is not as secure as you think and you should consider changing to something more secure or private such as firefox with duckduckgo as the search provider.
  6. The latter is a rule to live by for anything you do in life.

I will hold off on placing the rest of the household on the vpn network for now until I have used pfsense for over a month without any issues maybe longer. It depends on if I really want to re educate them on privacy. After all, they mostly youtube, stream from the server, and play wow.

I am the asshole that likes to push people’s buttons.

Next up, dual wan.