I have been busy dealing with unexpected surprises the last few months.

It started in July when I took my quarterly vacation from work. It was the second or third day when I receive a call from work. “Hi, you are being dissolved. Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?.” Uhh… “Feel free to scream or rant at us if you would like, we understand.” Uhh..


After I received the initial call, I was shocked and pissed. A few days later I was almost relieved it happened. The news of my job being dissolved forced me to do something I should have done years ago, find a new job.

The best part of the news is my ten year anniversary with the company was two weeks later. That meant five weeks of vacation was renewed, and I used every drop of it before I left. The company paid me the last few weeks of employment to find a new job and play video games.

On September 25th 2017 I no longer had a job, and honestly I didn’t care. I was glad to be gone.

I am not bitter about what happened, I gave them ten years of my life and it was a great ride for better or for worse. The discounts were nice, the kick backs were nice, the bonuses were decent. With that being said, it was time to go.

I tried for years to get promoted or advance my career. I networked with people, I improved my skill set, I lead successful sub teams, and I was one of the best people in the company at what I did. After every rejection email or phone call, I asked for feedback and applied the feedback towards my personal or professional growth. Unfortunately that was not enough to earn a leadership position, or an advanced technical role.

As a store manager told me once years ago when I was a teenager, “I didn’t suck enough dick”

Now begins the next chapter or my life. I have no idea where it will take me, but I move forward knowing one thing. It is going to be better then where I was. As I stated above, I am not bitter. I will not bash the company I worked for, I choose to move forward looking for the next great adventure.

So long old job, and thanks for all the fish!