Streaming has been something I have been toying with for over ten years. I started off using programs like ORB, Pulptunes, and Subsonic to stream my music while I am away from the house. As technology advanced, Plex ended up becoming my one stop app to use for streaming movies and music to my portable devices.

Plex has worked very well for everything I own EXCEPT for streaming music on XBox and Playstation 4 while playing games. That sucks.

There are a couple of options for playstation such as, Sony’s Media Go. The software does a really good job streaming my itunes to the playstation 4. Unfortunately, media go is not compatable with Xbox. I was determined to find something that worked with both consoles because it pisses me off to run two different programs to achieve the same goal.

After extensive testing with various programs, (mezzmo, serviio, etc.) I found universal media server, was the best way to go. It’s free, and supports both playstation and microsoft consoles. Sometimes when a song plays on universal media server, it will slow down and makes the singer sound sad or depressed. It’s pretty damn funny and reminds me of when we would do that with record players.

I will have to look into why it’s happening, cause it won’t remain entertaining for long.