I may have mentioned in the past I run iTunes on my media server. This is a practice I have used for many years starting with Windows Home Server, WHS v2 and now with Windows Server 2008r2.

Over the past few weeks, iTunes would randomly crash and give an appcrash error in the logs and bitch about msvcr120.dll error. I troubleshot how to reinstall this error using every method I could think of, including uninstalling and reinstalling each installation of MS Visual Basic on the machine. I renamed files per recommendations of the alleged people smarter then me, but none of their suggestion worked.

I uninstalled all the apple progams, itunes, bonjour, mobile support, and anything else found from apple, I cleaned the registry and even chanted to the damn box. To be fair I cursed at it which in my mind is a form of chanting. šŸ˜‰

Mind you. iTunes would still load, work for a while and randomly crash. It started to piss off to the point I toyed with the idea of reloading the entire fucking server but to me that would mean defeat.

Finally a found what seemed to be the problem, msvc120.dll was last modifiedĀ in 2013. Da Fuq? The server has not been running since 2013, also this file was found AFTER I removed MSVB 2013. So, I deleted the file and reinstalled MSVB 2013.

Once reinstalled, omnious music played and itunes loaded without any issues. The real test, was to make sure it worked after usage, followed by heavy usage. It seems the crashing problem has finally been resolved.

For some strange reason, I had to manually add covers to albums itunes had recently found on it’s own.

iTunes is happy now, that is all I care about.